Blog by Dylan Peltier

Many of you may have noticed the newer boxes that you have been receiving toner in. They have a small physical difference but the impact is dynamic.  Inside a toner cartridge there are many different electronic devices and metal parts and pieces. When the cartridge runs completely dry of toner many of these parts are still in excellent working condition.

With these newly enhanced boxes the postage is already paid for the returning of the cartridge back to the manufacturer.  When Savin gets the used cartridge back, they then begin an intense cleaning and breakdown of the cartridge.  They use special equipment to verify that the parts can be reused leaving our environment with less waste as well as not having to use as many materials to create more products.

Another option that is available to Savin users is the Toner Container Return Box Program. In this instance a durable cardboard box is placed next to the copier or any other place in your office space that is easily accessible. This box has a liner built in so that no toner waste is spilled. Once the box is full just use the pre-postage paid stickers and have your mail courier to ship it back to the manufacturer where not one piece will be sent to the landfill, even the boxes are recycled. These boxes can be picked up at Corporate Business Systems, please call first to ensure availability.