Blog by Dylan Peltier

All of us know that Christmas time is a very tough time for many families. With the rising price of gas and other consumer goods every year it gets harder and harder to make ends meet. In many towns including Springfield there have been some “Layaway Angels” making the lives of complete strangers much easier. At the Springfield Target a wealthy business man came in and paid off the balance of a single working mom’s layaway.

The mother who has two children is living paycheck to paycheck just to provide the necessities for her family. She started her Christmas shopping in October and that is when she opened her layaway account.  She has been making small contributions to the account each paycheck she earns. For someone to help a complete stranger out like this brings tears to my eyes. This shows a true meaning of Christmas, helping others receive the joy of bringing a family together.

At Corporate Business Systems one way that we help our customers to get the office equipment they need in order to run their business in a way, works like layaway. The major difference is you get to use the equipment while you are paying for it.  CBS offers a 30, 60, or 90 day payment method.  This payment plan allows you to break the payment into multiple smaller equal payments making the purchase less of a burden on your company. The best part is it does not even have to be Christmas to get this payment plan, as we offer this type of payment to all of our customers all year long!

Please call a sales representative to learn how you can get started.  The purchasing of a MFP, printer, or any other piece of office equipment has never been easier.