Blog by Quade Quesenberry

Corporate Business Systems is more than a company and works more like a machine.  Each employee acting as a part but needing each other to run as a whole.  The responsibilities all tie together to make an impressive sales process.  From start to finish each person of each department has seen the sale.  It begins with the prospected client and goes full circle and ends with the prospective client. 

Let’s begin with sales.  The sales force is responsible for representing Corporate Business Systems outside of the office.  Our sales force leaves business cards, picks up business cards and gathers information from businesses.  This information is inputted into our software program and is reviewed by our management staff.   This enables our sales staff to track potential clients and create proposals and contracts with precision and if needed have the assistance of our managers.

Service;  Corporate Business Systems is acclaimed by Pro’s Elite to be in the top one hundred in the country and the only one in this region.  But, don’t let that just speak for itself.  Current clients speak very highly of our service department and so does our sales force.  Clients share our response time is excellent and our success ratio on the first call is noticed.  If anyone has a question on a model, ask service.  You will learn every bug and the amount of impression various equipment can handle in a month.  Service helps sales; it is not the other way around.

Next, administrators tie everything together; without the admin staff mistakes wouldn’t be caught and leads that were phoned in would be lost and new service and sales employees would get discouraged.   Administrators have the most experience because they see all sides of every deal.  Beginning with data entry to lease contracts to meter reads to service calls;  they help all sides of the company.

As said previously, Corporate Business Systems is not just a company, it is a machine.  With all its many parts; IT, sales, service and administration our machine of Corporate Business Systems runs smoothly and efficiently.

Feel free to give us a call.  We are here for your needs, large or small, black and white or color, MFP, or MPS.

Let’s keep it running in 2012!