Blog by Bruce Farner

On a scheduled basis, we call or email our clients to arrange for an account review.

We want to look at how you are using your printers, copiers, scanners and faxes in your business, find out where those machines are located and understand the volume they are doing.  We also would like to share our review of your service records to let you know how your current equipment has been performing and open the discussion on possible solutions to manage them even better.  We’re always looking for any special needs you have in regards to electronic forms, document tracking or archiving.

As part of this process, we consider any existing finance, service or maintenance arrangements you may have in place for your existing equipment, as well as any purchased outright. We’ll look at how you purchase paper and toner and any other unique requirements you may have.

We want to know exactly what your current costs are to determine if we have a basis to save you money and improve efficiency.  If so, we will further evaluate your account to develop a proposal for presentation in the process of earning your business.

We value each and every customer and they have developed a trust for our offerings. Many become outstanding referrals and long-time partners.  Just understand that we are truly here to help you!

We have many options from lease to purchase, new and refurbished, and for any budget.  We also accept all major credit cards if you want to build up your reward points