Beware of telephone calls from fraudulent telemarketers offering you “SPECIAL” prices on copier, printer or fax supplies.  They can cost you more than you think…


  • Telemarketer acts like he/she has done business with you before.
  • Firm’s name is intended to sound like a government agency or well known company.  Sometimes they will even claim they are us!


  • You must act on the offer that day – “buy now!”
  • Unwilling to send written information on the offer or references.
  • Telemarketer claims they have an overstock of supplies to your area – “exactly what you can use.”
  • Telemarketer claims – “you can get it cheaper from me…I’m the warehouse supplier for your dealer.”
  • Telemarketer states – “your dealer told me to call.”

If you have any questions at all about this toner call, please call Corporate Business Systems, we are here to serve you and your copier needs.