Blog by Dylan Peltier

As an outside sales representative I have heard my fair share of “NO’s” but what are people really turning down when they decline to meet with CBS? At Corporate Business Systems we strive to be different than any other “copier” company out there. We are a locally owned company that strives on customer service and dedication to the community.

Many times I have walked into a company and just immediately get rejected because the potential customer is either already under contract with a competitor, they have purchased equipment, or they are just tired of the same pushy salesman bothering them every day.  What many companies do not know is Corporate Business Systems is more than a “copier” company; we strive to build relationships with our clients and potential clients by taking a consultative approach. Instead of talking about speeds and feeds we are determined to demonstrate how our solutions not only can save your company money in most cases, but also how it is going to have a positive impact on the productivity of your company.

When you shop for a car you most likely do not just go to a single car dealership to locate just the right vehicle for you, more than likely you will go to a couple different places to locate the vehicle that fits you best.   

This same approach can be done with document output devices. If you have never partnered with Corporate Business Systems in the past, I encourage you to call a sales representative and experience what so many other companies in the Springfield and surrounding areas have discovered with CBS.  Remember, the customer with the most options always wins.