Blog by Jerry Teal

When people factor printers or copiers into their budget, they generally focus on things like ink, paper, maintenance, etc… However, what they do not think of is energy costs. Many people forget that in order for their copier or printer to work it has to have some source of power, and in the office world printers and copiers are some of the biggest energy hogs in the office.

Here’s an answer… consolidate devices. This is especially useful for offices that may have a printer, copier and fax machine right next to each other. If you throw out all of those devices and switch to a multi-functioning system instead, you can immediately cut your power usage. If you have laser printers scattered throughout your office, you can combine these into multifunction systems as well, which are generally less expensive to operate than a personal printer.

You should also look for multi-functioning devices that are energy star compliant. These types of devices have different modes that allow you to cut down on power usage. They can shut themselves off automatically at night and restart themselves in the morning and can also go on standby when not in use. These are all great ways to cut your company’s energy costs, so if you are worried about your energy bill continuously rising, then work on incorporating some of these ideas into your business.

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