Corporate Business Systems Focus is on Learning

The first few words of our vision statement are as follows:

We are a “Learning Organization”

One of our Core Beliefs is:

LEARNING ~ We invest our resources to enable our people to consistently improve.

We had a couple of out technicians just complete some core basics training and this is what was written about them by their instructor:

I want to congratulate Scott & Garry for completing their Savin Core Basics class. Both did an excellent job during class and are an excellent reflection of the type of personnel that CBS has.

Lift your voices in email, text, phone calls or in person and let them know job well done.

This class is just the start for them in the Savin world. I expect to see many more classes for these two along with the rest of the service dept.

We hope that this shows our dedication to continued growth and development of our employees.  We believe strongly that the more we improve the more we have to offer our customers.

Before you choice your office equipment provider we hope that you will look at Corporate Business Systems.  Our investment in our employees and their continued growth and development is among the very best in the industry.