Blog by Jan Caskey

We just thought we would share with you an email that was sent out from our service manager, Larry Walker, to everyone here at Corporate Business Systems expressing his congratulations for his team and the amazing job that they all do each and every day.

Here it goes:

“I wanted to take a second and high five my guys and when I say my guys,  that’s everyone from Rhonda, Aaron, Adam, Dispatch to the tech’s…. Oh yeah, and those two lovable guys in the shop.

I’ll start by explaining we are graded on a number of things but the final grade really comes down to FCE for my guys with the ultimate grade being a happy customer.

So as Jerry Newberry ( Pro’s Elite consultant) has explained the ultimate goal is to hit an 82% FCE, which means we fix things correctly 82% of the time on the first try; but  to achieve that rate everything in the department  needs to be hitting on all cylinders and pretty much be perfect. So we as a group have made tweaks and changes to what we have done each and every month to try and get closer to the goal.

( Drum Roll)

For the month of June this group managed to pull off a 79% FCE, so Congrats to all involved!!!!!

As an insight for those of you that don’t interact much with the service numbers, when we started with the Pro’s our FCE was about 64% and our goal is to be hitting 82% consistently by the end of 2012.

Thanks to everyone on my team and HIGH FIVES all around!”