Fully understanding cloud technology is difficult as the technicality of the subject is still puzzling and challenging professionals, but the concept behind it is simple: sharing information across any platform with impeccable ease and simplicity.

Cloud computing was created for the same reason much of the technology industry continues to innovate and expand on creations: to improve efficiency and provide a solution to a problem. In this case, the problem is a lack of communication between devices and in some cases people. There are plenty of reasons for companies and individuals to start using this new technology. For example, say you want to continue work on a document in Microsoft Word, but you have to leave the computer you are using. You might think, “I’ll just attach the document to an email to download on another computer and continue to work on it.” And this is a totally viable way to handle it. However, more and more people are adopting cloud-based tools like Google Docs which allow you to seamlessly work on the exact same document on practically any device with an internet connection, not just other computers that happen to have Microsoft Word on them.

Now, this seems only a slight improvement in efficiency, but developers and programmers are constantly improving the ways we use cloud technology. All of the functions and processes we use unconnected to cloud technology are being implemented in many ways to the benefit of individuals, but especially companies. Recently, our IT department here at CBS began work on setting up a cloud server of our own to utilize. We feel cloud storage will be a huge boost to our productivity and efficiency.

One of the biggest advantages of cloud technology is that it is consistently improving and able to therefore improve the experience for users almost instantaneously. The ever-evolving platform is able to give users fresh, new interfaces at the drop of an update, or improve the performance to suit different standards of machines. So, instead of maintaining aging hardware, you simply just have to download and run an update to your system, and you’re up-to-speed.

With cloud technology shaping up to be more and more cheap and reliable, finding big reasons not to implement it in a company setting is difficult. There are of course always concerns with the stability of the host service, the security of information when it is handled by a third party, and having prime performance sometimes relies on a costly amount of bandwidth. But all of these concerns are present with locally stored information with markedly decreased levels of flexibility and integration.

Like many other technologies that were once less useful and therefore less prominent, cloud computing has made its way into the mainstream in many ways, even if not everyone has adopted it yet. It is becoming safer, easier, and cheaper to use, so more companies are willing to upgrade because it does seem like the next logical step in how companies operate. Corporate Business Systems is no different, and we are excited for the future that the cloud seems to be bringing with it.

New Employee Spotlight!



We would like to introduce our new Inventory Coordinator, Christy Stoneman! She maintains shipping and receiving of all parts and supplies for our customers. She is new to an inventory role, and learning something new every week.  Christy enjoys camping, competing in co-ed softball tournaments, and hanging out with her sister and niece!






Nick K


We would also like to introduce our new Shop Technician, Nick Koviak! He makes sure all refurbished equipment that is sold is prepared for customer use, and then delivers that equipment. He is new to the industry, but he has over four years of experience in the automotive industry; he loves working on things and fixing them up. Nick is a proud father of two girls (7 and 5), a three-year-old son, and newborn twin girls. He loves doing anything with his wife and kids because they make him happy!