In the last couple months, CBS as a whole, hit a MEGA MILESTONE. We landed a few major deals this summer making it such a sizzling success. How sizzling you might ask? Well, let’s say we were fired up and managed to set up 400+ machines in a matter of months!

We don’t usually share this, but felt it was blog worthy to share with our readers. Here is the email chain that was sent out from our company leaders, highlighting and appreciating the hard work & dedication our employees commit to CBS, and most importantly to our customers!

“First off I’d like to say Thank you to everyone that has worked so hard this summer in making the first half of the year a very successful and busy year. With the current big wins and installs coming to an end I’d like to point out some of the hard work that has been completed. Our big wins have amounted to 400+ machines being installed in a matter of a few months which to make that happen a lot of moving pieces from different departments had to work very well with each other. Thank you to all the techs/ trainers for either helping set up machines or picking up the load in the field for those guys/gal to come into the shop. Connectivity Help Desk, they preflighted most of the machines and were on the unboxing / trash crew. Big Thanks to Adam and Charles, Adam started at 5:30 this morning and had our first load of Springdale machines in Springdale by 8:15 this morning. Charles will be taking loads down this evening and on Sunday to ensure we have enough machines there to keep that install on time. Ops team for delivery and coordinating the deliveries. I’m probably not saying anything new but the people we have working here truly are amazing and we do very much appreciate all you guys do to make CBS the BEST! Thanks again and have a great weekend.”

Larry Walker, Director of Service

“It is very nice to know CBS is one team, when one group finds success we know without a doubt the rest of the company can make it happen. These past few months have been nothing other than proving to our entire market place that when you deal with CBS, you deal with truly the best.  Great job and thank you to all!”

Tyson Johns, President/CEO

Well said both Larry and Tyson………for someone who sets on the side line, I simply can’t thank each and every one of you for all you do!   It sure makes an ole’ feller happy when I get to send quarterly financials to Empire Bank and ProElite, as well as when asked as by friends as to how CBS is doing. You folks make me proud…….keep up the great work!!!   Do I smell cookout in all of our near future?

Jim Quesenberry, Owner

New Employee Spotlight

Meet our new I.T. Department head, Matthew Gage! Matthew joins the CBS family with 10 years of I.T. experience. He has taken the role as our new I.T. Manager who will be supporting and increasing the sales and service on the I.T. side of the spectrum. Days outside of Corporate Business Systems, Matt is a Pyro Technician in training and love spending time with his wife and two boys.   

Meet Jeff Mahon, our newest member to our Service team. He will be one of our awesome Help Desk/Connectivity Technicians where his responsibilities consist of setting up new users with FM audit, assisting with copier installations and working out in the field as a printer technician. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology and is currently working on his second degree in Network Systems Administration. He’s been in the field for almost two years, where he started out as a MPS Customer Engineer for Hewlett-Packard for 7 months. He was also contracted out as a Regional Field Technician for Robert Half Technology in the last year. Before Jeff started his career in technology field, he was a professional Culinarian. Now, he cooks as a hobby, especially for his family and friends. He also specializes in the sweet side of food industry–baking all sorts of goodies!