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High energy cost’s worry you?

Blog by Jerry Teal When people factor printers or copiers into their budget, they generally focus on things like ink, paper, maintenance, etc… However, what they do not think of is energy costs. Many people forget that in order for their copier or printer to work it has to have some source of power, and [...]

Customer with the Most Options Wins

Blog by Dylan Peltier As an outside sales representative I have heard my fair share of “NO’s” but what are people really turning down when they decline to meet with CBS? At Corporate Business Systems we strive to be different than any other “copier” company out there. We are a locally owned company that strives [...]

Find Your Company's 'Lucky Charm'; CBS Can Help

With gas prices soaring, foreclosures at staggering levels, & general upheaval worldwide to name a few, the slow trudge of the economy to try to become somewhat stable makes news daily. People think, worry, & focus on things such as these & more. While it is important to be aware of issues at hand in [...]

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