Manufacturer of the Year Award: RICOH

Summer of Bids and Wins!

In the last couple months, CBS as a whole, hit a MEGA MILESTONE. We landed a few major deals this summer making it such a sizzling success. How sizzling you might ask? Well, let's say we were fired up and managed to set up 400+ machines in a matter of months! We don't usually share [...]

High energy cost’s worry you?

Blog by Jerry Teal When people factor printers or copiers into their budget, they generally focus on things like ink, paper, maintenance, etc… However, what they do not think of is energy costs. Many people forget that in order for their copier or printer to work it has to have some source of power, and [...]

Corporate Business Systems “The Educators”

Blog by Quade Quesenberry At Corporate Business Systems (CBS) we do more than sell and service Multi-Functional Products (MFP’s). We educate corporations on their output strategies. Through Managed Print Services (MPS) we can share total monthly volumes and using average cost per page find a total monthly cost.  MPS teaches a corporation to adjust behavior, [...]

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Corporate Business Systems a Well Oiled Machine

Blog by Quade Quesenberry Corporate Business Systems is more than a company and works more like a machine.  Each employee acting as a part but needing each other to run as a whole.  The responsibilities all tie together to make an impressive sales process.  From start to finish each person of each department has seen [...]

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Your New Teaching Assistant

Blog by Bruce Farner This solution rocks!!!  I am pretty sure the teachers will love it…                                                                                                                     July 20, 2011 – Kyocera, one of the world’s leading document solutions companies, today announced the availability of Kyocera Teaching Assistant, a very affordable test creation, grading and analysis solution designed to streamline classroom workflow and boost student achievement. [...]

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Corporate Business Systems and Sigma House a Winning Combination

Blog by Greg Shaw I initially met with the Executive Director of the Sigma House of Springfield, INC… earlier this year. She expressed an interest in reducing her overall costs associated with her document output process, that currently was made-up of multiple older HP printers and a wide assortment of MFPs. The MFPs were serviced [...]

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