Managed Network Services

“The services available in managed services market can include the outsourcing the Production Support activities, HR-activities, lifecycle management activities, maintenance and support activities, IT resource and many more activities…Services reduce the recurring in-house IT costs by 30-40% and bring about 50-60% increase efficiency.” MarketsandMarkets

Flat Monthly Fee

You pay one flat monthly fee for Managed Network Services (MNS). After a free network evaluation, we will provide you with a quote for Managing your network, software and devices.

Proactive Monitoring

We will configure remote access solutions defined in the MNS quote to allow for support, monitoring, and management of your network. We manage the IT maintenance needs defined in the MNS remotely to minimize interruptions of your staff.

Confidence in Backups

We remotely monitor your backup logs to able to let you know if your backups are failing and immediately help resolve any backup issues.

No Surprise Expenses

You will experience no surprise expenses. Limitations: In cases of 3rd Party Software of unfamiliar devices, we cannot guarantee coverage and fees in our monthly fixed price. These exceptions will be noted and discussed up-front.

Server Recovery

If a server that is covered by our Managed Network Service fails or loses functionality, we will dispatch an experienced engineer that will work as long as necessary to restore your server.

Adding Devices

Once your devices and network are covered by a Managed Network Service contract, additional or replacement devices can be added to your contract at any point by paying a one-time fee for installation/integration of the new device. If the device is not replacing a device already under contract, there may also be a subsequent increase in your monthly support fee.

Unlimited Remote Support

We provide unlimited access to remote help desk support for your users. Standard package cover 8 a.m. –5 p.m., Monday–Friday. After hours or weekend support and pricing is available upon request. We resolve all of your support desk issues remotely, using user-friendly remote access tools. For physical hardware error or other pre-defined circumstances that require an onsite visit, your monthly fee will also cover for one of our skilled, local engineers to make an on-site visit. On-site calls will be scheduled according to your Managed Network Services Agreement (MNSA) and for a specific date and time.