Hi Larry, my name is Timothy (TJ) Atkins and I am writing on behalf of Century 21 Prestige Real Estate, Inc located in Saint Robert, MO. I wanted to thank your company, specifically, Charles Johnston, for his outstanding customer service and support in assisting our office and Realtors® who use MAC computers and require wireless print capability with the Kyocera in our brokerage. Charles fixed our issue with speed, professionalism, and with a wonderful touch of class. My office manager-broker was pleased with the outcome, and the agents here wanted to personally thank him and let you know that we are grateful.

TJ & Ombica Atkins
C21 Prestige Real Estate, Inc

Dear Corporate Business Systems, Once again your service Team has shown me what excellence in service means. I am currently working on a huge printing job and have been running our Pro C5100 non-stop 24/7 for days w/ no issues. I was starting to worry about my girl because she has been running for days. Last night at 5:30 she threw me an error code which I have not seen so I placed a service call after hours and went home, I wanted her (Pro C5100 ) to rest anyway. As I pull up this morning prior to opening at 8:00 a.m. who is here standing at the door waiting for me to open, Lynn Cave w/ both arms full of tool boxes and supplies, if Lynn would have had a key to open I know he would already be inside repairing my girl. Lynn was in and out in a very short time and as always one of the most professional individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting. She is up and running like a top and as always after Lynn’s service she looks brand new. Please note that this is exactly why MailCo USA is considering bringing in another Corporate Business Systems printer. I can also Guarantee that Drew Blake will be calling me shortly to make sure all is well, this is just the way these guys roll! You guys Rock!!! Please let these guys how much they mean to MailCo USA and Corporate Business Systems. Keep up the Excellent job! Very Satisfied Customer.

Mike Riley, Senior Account Manager
MailCo USA

I wanted to take a minute and praise Toby. Here at MFW we feel blessed to have Toby as our tech. This last week that we’ve had continual issues with the 8110 only goes to solidify that. Toby is a fantastic tech, whose attitude, work ethic and dedication to his customers is un matched in my opinion. I truly appreciate his efforts and admire his willingness to go the extra mile. He may work and be employed by CBS but we here at MFW feel like he is an extremely vital part to our team. The success we’ve had over the last year and a half is in no small part a reflection of him and his ability. Again I just want to say thank you for bringing Toby into our circle. I have many stresses in my job here at MFW but worrying about a tech that will make sure our needs are taken care of is not one of them. Thank you again and have a great weekend.

Travis Baker
My Father's World

Lynn - Looks like the fuser resolved the issue, copier is quiet and running fine this morning. Thanks for your diligence in resolving the issue! I know you made several trips to the hotel and we appreciate it.

Thanks again.

Michael Jobst, CHA, CFBE
DoubleTree Suites by Hilton

I just wanted to let you know that it is always a pleasure working with Patrice Hoefs. She came yesterday and fixed my paper jam in less than a nano-second, teaching me where to look for the paper jam, warning me to be careful which way I pull it out, etc. Then she worked with me because I had had trouble setting my toner cartridges in correctly. Lastly she trouble shot a problem I was having with Publisher that no one else had been able to solve. And if you think she spent too much time here, don’t. Hopefully my training will prevent more service calls, and she was probably in and out in 20 minutes.

There’s something wonderful about well-educated, well-trained professionals who like their job and do it with superb ease...plus, she’s nice to my dog who comes to work with me.

Laurie Q. McTavish
First Unitarian Universalist Church of Springfield

Mr. Mike Lynch, Service Technician who normally serves the Branson area resolved the issues I was having with the printer and scanner. I was very impressed with Mr. Lynch’s professionalism, his persistence with the issues at hand (he worked with Paranet), and the education he gave me on the use of the printer and scanner. Often we hear the complaints and not the good. Mr. Lynch is an asset to CBS.

Pam Tribby
Director Colleague Relations, Hospice Compassus

Ken Fields has been outstanding as far as knowledge and professionalism. He has followed up on every step of the process and exceeded all my expectations, one of the many reasons we want to move everything to CBS. Ken Fields is definitely a keeper and a great asset to your company!

Carl Hubbard
Vice President at Broyles Petroleum Equipment

“Harvest Ministries would like to thank Kelly and Corporate Business Systems for being all you said you would be. We made the change from one of your local competitors because your service and equipment expenses were much less. After working with you for about half a year under a new service agreement, we purchased new copy equipment which required much electronic/computer interaction and involvement. We found CBS to have the expertise to accomplish our needs and complete what CBS said it would do.

Thanks for your honesty. Today, integrity as a company is hard to find. We trust you will remain focused as such.”

Ivan Milton
Harvest Ministries

“I was glad to be able to speak with Ryan today about getting an ethernet problem fixed. He always took good care of me at Aztec.”

Walter Warren
Springfield, MO

“I was with Aztec for many years and thought that they were GREAT, now that they have combined with CBS, the combination is even better! Unbelievable service, broad knowledge and capability with a very special "CAN DO" team. If you are having any problems, give them a try - I bet they can fix it faster that you will believe. Try them even if you aren't having problems - just to see how their type of support can make your business even better.”

Bill Ricketts
Springfield, MO

"Since we have utilized CBS for our printer support, we have found our complaints have virtually gone away. We continue to receive complements from our user departments regarding the good support and professional support provided by CBS. We are very pleased with the work being done by CBS."

Jack H Cole
Cox Health

"It is my pleasure to recommend the printing services of Corporate Business Systems to you. During the past five months, I have worked directly with Corporate Business Systems for printer repair services and printer maintenance on our fleet of Multi-Function devices. The company offers top-notch quality, service and rates. Across the board, I am always pleased with their work and knowledge they have to offer our company.

Corporate Business Systems has been dependable, straightforward and easy to work with. We were left in a bind from the company before them and Corporate Business Systems came in and took control of the situation. Our end users have given me great surveys and feedback since they have taken over the printing services. I believe that their attention to detail and concern for printing quality reflects their professional service that they have to offer.

Please consider Corporate Business Systems for all your corporate printing needs. I recommend them to you without reservation."

Cathy Starbuck Jean
Si3 Liaison, Cox Health